Andrew Mohsenzadegan


Andrew began home brewing in 2008, and the passion was instant. by batch number two, andrew had invested in equipment, quality ingredients, and any eduction he could get his hands on. while fostering his hobby, andrew worked as a wine steward for nugget markets. his years with nugget provided training, industry connections, and exposure and education to the best adult beverages from around the world. it was ultimately a trip to france that finalized andrew’s decision to open his dream business. today you will find andrew as the creator to every recipe, head of day to day business operations, and a member of the sacramento area brewer’s guild.


TREASURER / Bike Dog Brewing Co.

Sage Smith is the co-founder and managing partner of Bike Dog Brewing Company in West Sacramento, CA. Before managing the small brewery and two taprooms, Sage spent almost two decades as a graphic designer. He brings the same creative approach to leading his team of beer makers, sellers and taproom staff.

Derek Gallanosa

Education / Moksa Brewing

Derek Gallanosa has over 8 years of professional experience including management positions in brewing, marketing, sales, and event coordination. He has a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing from California State University, San Marcos and has served as one of the instructors for the Business of Craft Beer program at San Diego State University instructing the course “Marketing Craft Beer.” He currently is the Head Brewer/Partner at Moksa Brewing Company in Rocklin, California overseeing the brewery’s operations, social media/other marketing, 400-person membership, and outside events.

Teresa Psuty

Membership / Crooked Lane Brewing

Teresa Psuty is the brewmaster at Crooked Lane Brewing Company in Auburn, California. A two-time GABF medal winner, she’s also a mom of three, and intrepid co-host of The Session on The Brewing Network. Crooked Lane is enjoying the title of CCBC brewery of the year for 2019. Find Teresa on instagram @psutybrews and @crookedlanebrewing

A picture of Jonathan Martinez



Jonathan is the Co-Owner of Tilted Mash Brewing in Elk Grove. He Graduated with a Bachelors degree in Computer Science in 2003. Since then took his career in Real Estate and home brewing with his Best Friend Derrick on the Weekends. Upon deciding to open a Brewery both Jonathan and Derrick took extensive Brewing courses at UC Davis and Siebel Institute to extend their knowledge on the Commercial side of brewing. Jonathan’s term on the SABG board started in 2018.



Jared Long is the Director of Brewing Operations at New Glory but has also moonlighted as a public school teacher and cat cuddler.  Preferences include: pale yellow lager, conducting business meetings on golf courses and Asian grocery stores.



Erle is Co-Owner and Managing Partner of Jackrabbit Brewing Company in West Sacramento, CA.  Although it has been rumored that he won his stake in the brewery in a poker game, truth be told he was brought in to run the brewing operations by Co-Founders, and brothers, Scott and Chris Powell who first introduced him to Craft Beer years prior. Despite the fact that his time in the industry has been brief, his passion for creativity, community, and collaboration continue to drive him to challenge himself daily. He is a proud husband and father of two, when he is not working at the brewery he can usually be found sleeping.